Shannon R. wrote...
I never thought I would ever buy a horse at this time... However I had been briefly checking ads here and there - and signed up on Horseclicks. I started receiving "related to my ad searches" emails and something tugged at my heart to check out each one of those emails as I got them. One of those emails had a horse that caught my eye. He was just a plain ole QH gelding. He didn't look spectacular, but there was still something about him - so I contacted the owner. It turns out he was quite an amazing horse. He had won money, kid broke, sound, sane, beautiful, 16+ hands and bloodlines to die for. I paid $1,000 for him and he was worth every single penny (and more!). I bought him sight unseen and relied on the owner's word and a vet exam. So I was a bit nervous for his arrival... Once he got here I was stunned! He was just perfect in everyway! Thank you HorseClicks for sending me those emails that helped me find my dream horse!

Audie McWilliams wrote...

We used countless other sites to advertise on and HorseClicks is where our buyer found our trailer. It was a quick sale and this site is very easy to use. Thanks!

Dianne Soldevilla wrote..

I have sold a few horses and a few saddles using horseclicks and have many friends that use this as horseclicks has to be the number one site for buying and selling. Top Notch Advertising I always pay the small fee to have my ads at the top and my sales time is cut to within a week or a couple weeks at most well worth the fee. Easy to edit easy to enter info and photos with even room for a video for free for this service I choose to pay the small fee and sell fast!! Thank You Horseclicks

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